Kateryna Kobylianska

Artist statement
My paintings are causes for pauses. They are inviting you to rest for a while and rethink your depth.

I'm researching the essence of Mind Games and The Space of Silence through my artworks.

My passion is abstract art on large canvases, using multiple layers and mixed media.

Tell me few words about you as an artist?
I adore offering to spectators a large field of interpretation. That's why I chose abstract art. In each painting, I'm living the Truth of the Moment. All artworks are originals, therefore, I'm not making prints. I'm painting from the state of Silence. My paintings are the combination of emotions and reflections.
Where were you exhibited?
You could find my artworks both in personal and group exhibitions in Ukraine, Egypt, Spain, Canada, and even Tanzania. Here you could find out more - CV.
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Nature is calling
This series is about surrounding yourself with the most important
The Mountain - God
100х100 cm, acrylic on canvas, lacquer

The garden of joy in the world of death
100х80 cm, mixed texture, lacquer

To dissolve in the air, before we become the earth
100х50 cm, acrylic on canvas, lacquer

Caressing Still Motion
This series is about multiple dreamy worlds
Repeated chaos becomes order
This series is about expression and silence
100х50 cm, acrylic on canvas, lacquer

A place, which shows, how tiny your problems are
120х90 cm, acrylic on canvas, lacquer

140х60 cm, acrylic on canvas, lacquer

Paradoxes I
140х100 cm, acrylic on canvas, lacquer

Paradoxes V
140х100 cm, mixed media, lacquer

Project "The body Got Lost"
Macro images of my paintings combined with fresh digital-illustrations
These are the visual reflections on transformations which corporeality underwent in the post-Covid period. Corporeality, in contrast to the body, is a socio-cultural phenomenon, a thought dictated to us by society and the current situation regarding how to perceive one's body. The mask, removing half of the face makes our bodies translucent. In the process of adaptation, as always, something atrophies, and something grows.

You see the 20 artworks, where meanings, mediums, colors, and textures are mixed.

Also as part of the project, we spoke with artists and curators on the subject of corporality in art. What it is? Provocation? Expression? Sincerity? Research? Entries can be viewed here -
The project "The body Got Lost"
was supported by European Union through the program House of Europe.
I'm happy that my clients are so astonishing, and they are making me proud of having my artworks at their places.
  • Anna McKane
    Nurse, USA
    Talented artist. Beautiful woman. Gentle soul. Her work is very unique and full of life. She tells stories with a paintbrush. I had the privilege to experience it myself at one of her art shows. I will never forget how they make me feel. Truly unforgettable!
  • Léon Colibri
    Composer, Canada
    I had the chance to collaborate with Kateryna, we made an audio-visual project together. Her creativity, knowledges and unique views on art are truly inspiring. She’s resourceful and her problem solving skills are remarquable. She is full of energy, agreeable and listens openly to new ideas and isn’t afraid to share hers.

    I find each of her works special and different. When I’m looking at them, I enjoy every inch of her passionate and lively expressive gestures. I often find myself bewitched and absorbed, by the way she uses colours and textures.
    I wouldn’t want to miss a chance to collaborate with her!
  • Anna Stetsenko
    Founder, Ukraine
    Kateryna is an original and profound artist. Her paintings add bright accents and relevance to any interior.
    My house is decorated with several Kateryna's paintings. One of them is "Anichcha", a canvas 2.5 meters long. In Buddhism, it means the fundamental principle of the variability of material phenomenons. And what would you think? This picture is alive. For 3 years, it is constantly revealed with new shades.
    I wish you to continue to create, draw in life and implement projects on a global scale.
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Free consultation
I am open to collaborations with curators, musicians, writers, sculptors, videomakers, and photographers. If you would like to create together, leave your contacts below, please.
To create together
I care
about a touch of your sight, heart, mind ans soul to a calmness and an interest
I'm recycling primary products and partially using natural raw materials.
Sincere communication
I'm always ready to answer your questions with an open heart. You could write to me even during weekends.
Support for young artists
Part of the income I make goes to young artists' microgrants. As well, I am organizing Artistic Networking events to connect artists, collectors, philosophers and fans of art.
Feel free to communicate
Kateryna Kobylianska
Phone: +14382751592 (WhatsApp, Telegram)
E-mail: kobylyanska@gmail.com
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